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5 user2466830

Lonnnie was a great resource to have as he is extremely knowledgeable in the DC/Virginia area. As a newcomer to the area it was difficult to navigate the rental market but Lonnie made the process very easy and stress free. He took care of all the details and simplified the lease process. He was always responsive and kept me in the loop at all times. I would highly recommend him to friends and family. His real estate knowledge and honesty was what I really appreciated most. He made me think about issues or questions that I had not thought of myself which I was grateful for. Even after the lease process was final, Lonnie helped me with contacting the owner about maintenance issues that needed to be taken care of. If I were to lease or buy in the future I would definitely turn to Lonnie for his expertise.

5 user486008

I found Mr. Lonnie Whitehead to be consistently pleasant and dedicated to his duties as a Realtor.

I know Mr. Whitehead as a take-charge person who is able identify home buying opportunities in excellent locations that his clients and his counterparts may have not considered. That said, I believe customer service is his greatest skill.

I highly recommend you seek the services of Mr. Lonnie Whitehead if you are considering buying a home.

5 ThiNguyen7

Knowledgeable, reliable, honest, trustworthy, friendly, and is always ready to help — all essential attributes in a successful real estate professional — Lonnie is the epitome of the ideal Realtor. I have numerous times sought his expert advice on real estate and have consistently been more pleased with his exceptional service, sound judgment, and friendly approach. I have and will continue to highly recommend Lonnie to anyone who is looking to buy, sell, or lease a property.

5 user7844943

his service is great, very professional, excellent communication and easy to work with, knows the area very well and helped me find my condo within 2 months, I would highly recommend him to my family and friends. Either you’re selling or buying, he won’t disappoint you.

5 user974198

Lonnie is a great professional whom knows the area very well and shows the locations that fit your needs. This was great for me as I had moved here from the mid-west and helped me to realize concerns and other factors I had not considered before. He’s reliable, trustworthy, patient, and willing to work with your schedule. I highly recommend Lonnie for all your real estate needs whether you’re buying or selling. You won’t regret the excellent service.

5 user7440763

Lonnie is a awesome guy; great interpersonal skills, professional and really looks out for YOUR needs and not his own.

My wife and I bought our first home with his help in March 2012 and we have been happy ever since. My wife met Lonnie through work a few years before we started looking. When we finally got serious about purchasing a home we decided to stay committed to him based on my wife’s recommendation. While i was deployed overseas, my wife got a head start and started viewing properties (that I would find online) in the Alexandria, VA area. Lonnie was extremely patient with us and after months of looking we finally found our new home.

I wanted to emphasize how fast and responsive he was in the initial offering process. He understands the high demand of homes in the DC area and will work as fast as he can to make sure you get your “dream home,” I highly recommend his service.

5 MariYamaguchi

I had a short time frame within which to find a new place to live and Lonnie Whitehead was extremely knowledgeable and agile in helping me with the process. Not only was he very warm and helpful in all of the aspects of getting the lease ready, but he was also very friendly and continued to follow up even after the move-in was complete. He was there for each step of the way and even had tips to help me save money. I would definitely recommend Lonnie for any other type of job based on my experience with him. Excellent service – reliable, prompt, professional, and above-and-beyond!

5 TripleStar

It took me nearly a year to find the right home. Lonnie was with me every step of the way. He was always patient and generous with his time. I always felt that Lonnie wanted to make sure I was happy with every offer I made. I never felt the least bit of pressure from him to make any decision that I wasn’t comfortable with. And he was excellent in negotiating the final deal that got me the home I am very satisfied with. Lonnie is not only an outstanding agent. But he’s a great guy too.

5 kt j gilman

Lonnie was very quick to respond to my request to see property in DC. He was considerate and happy to answer any questions I had as I began my housing search. For reasons completely unrelated to Lonnie and his abilities, we did not end up moving forward. He is friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable. We did not make it forward to process and negotiation, or I would comment on those, as well. I recommend giving him a call!

5 user38922319

Lonnie is amazing to work with. He is knowledgeable and answers you honestly.

He WILL go out of his way to make you feel comfortable. He went over and answered any question I had about the lease.This is my first time going through an agent to work with a landlord. It was a very smooth process and Lonnie made everything convenient and simple.

Even after the lease was signed and everything was done, he did not just disappear. I asked him several questions after the fact and he was still helpful and still very knowledgeable.

5 john pfeifer

Lonnie helped me with a recent purchase even though it was somewhat difficult to correspond with the selling agent given that the home was bank-owned. I’m thrilled with his efforts and his communication and responsiveness are second to none.

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